Two color 5 gallon bottle cap in Plast Eurasia 2019


Two color 5 gallon bottle cap in Plast Eurasia 2019

JON WAI MACHINERY  (Booth: 1210)

Two color 5 gallon bottle cap running Jon Wai TCW machine.  TCW is our double injection molding machine with two injection units and rotate platen.

Multi resin is used in many applications like automobile, medical, electronic and household items.  With the combination of different material or colors, the multi resin injection provide the benefits as below.

1. Low rejection rate

Comparing to insert molding, complete the product on one machine.  The product quality is better without misplacing molding part.  The rejection rate is reduced.

2. High output

Not require to transfer the semi-finished product to another machine, the output running on TCW machine is more.

3. Less running cost

Before requiring two machines to finish the production, now one TCW machine can do the same with better quality and more output.  The running cost of one machine is less.

4. Saving investment

Before requiring to produce on two machines, now one TCW machine can fulfill the production requirement.  The investment is less.


We will show the TCW - double injection molding machine in Plast Eurasia 2019.

Jon Wai Machinery.  Booth: 1210  (Hall no. 12)

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