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JONWAI : SEW Injection Machine creates disruptive technology

JONWAI’s plastics injection molding machine has reached another milestone on technical breakthrough. The SEW series are the upgraded version of wide platen Injection molding machine. With the extra wide platen and tie bar space in design, mold loading capacity increased about 20 to 25%. For instance, a 32 cavities bottle caps mold would originally be loaded on a 220 tons machines while with the introduction of SEW, the same mold could be placed in a 120 tons machine. It enlarged the value of production by upgrading the machine capacity for larger and wider platen under the same investment. SEW series machine is suitable for machining houseware, bottle caps, pens, and automobile components. Ver más


Jon Wai showing foldable crate and ultra thin container (0.38mm) with IML

We show 2 remarkable IML systems in K fair 2019. 1. 4 cav ice cream cup with 2.5 sec cycle time. 2. Foldable box with IML system with 7 sec cycle time. Ver más


130SEWTS high speed machine equipped accumulator running 2.9 sec cycle time with 0.32kw/kg power consumption

Jon Wai showed 130SEWTS machine runs 4 cav ultra thin Ice Cream Cup with IML robot with 2.9 sec cycle time.  The wall thickness of this ice cream cup is only 0.35mm including label.  With the unique hydraulic system design, the real power consumption is only 0.32 kw/kg even running during fast operation.  The cycle time and power consumption are closed to all electric machine. Ver más


Jonwai in Plast Eurasia 2019

Jonwai will show 2 systems in Plast Eurasia 2019. 1. 4 cav flower pot with 230SEWTS Booth: 206A (Hall no. 2) 2. 4 cav double-injection bubble cap for 5 gallon bottle with 250TCWS Booth: 1210 (Hall no. 12) See you in Istanbul. Ver más


Two color 5 gallon bottle cap in Plast Eurasia 2019

We will show the TCW - double injection molding machine in Plast Eurasia 2019. Jon Wai Machinery.  Booth: 1210  (Hall no. 12) Ver más


Plast Avrasya 2019’da Çift Renk 5 Galonluk Şişe Kapağı

Çift Enjeksiyonlu-TCW modelimizi İstanbul Plast Avrasya 2019 fuarında sergileyeceğiz. Jon Wai Machinery. Stand NO: 1210 (12. Hol) Ver más



2019 / 10 / 16 ~ 23 Düsseldorf, Germany

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2019 / 12 / 04 ~ 07 Istanbul, Turkey Booth no. 1. Hall 2 : 206A 2. Hall 12 : 1210

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