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SEWT injection molding machine


Injection by accumulator with high injection speed.
Suitable for thin wall food packaging, closure and cutlery production.

  • High speed, high output, low running cost
  • Low Rejection Rate of Production
  • Tonnage sensor and over-tonnage protection
  • Cultery, Closure, Microwave Container, In-Mold-Labeling Container, Disposable Light Weight Crate,Ultra Thin Flower Pot


SEWT 機器特色

High speed, high output, low running cost

SEWT machine design is specific for thin wall item that with high L/T (product length / thickness) ratio. It's suitable for food packaging application like

  • Microwave container
  • Ice cream & Yogurt cup
  • Cutlery
  • Closure

The VALUE delivered by SEWT machine is listed as below

  • High output -- Fast operation with short dry cycle
  • Low running cost -- Servo motor power saving system save more than 50% power
  • Low rejection rate -- High injection speed with precise control
  • Durable life -- Enhanced mechanical design, strong machine base make sure the long lifetime of machine.

Low Rejection Rate of Production

Injection by accumulator, the injection speed is 300~500 mm/sec. With such high speed, SEWT machine can shape any items easily. It will SOLVE the issues as below.

  • Short shot

    With 300 mm/sec injection speed, material flow from the gate to edge within 0.2sec before cooling down. Short shot will not be the issue anymore.
  • Water Ripple Mark

    The surface of container is not perfect? Injection completes before material cool down. Solve water ripple mark issue.
  • Warpage

    The leakage issue from warpage is headache especiall for container and lid. Shaping the product by pressure, the stress residue on the product will cause warpage issue. High injection speed will make sure to shape the product by speed, but not pressure.

Saving is earning

  • High efficiency servo drive

    Servo motor works with inverter, the power consumption can save 30 to 70% compare to traditional motor.
  • Electric charging system

    Charging by electric motor has high efficiency. Compare to hydra motor, electric charging system can save another 20% power consumption.

Tonnage sensor and over-tonnage protection

Unique tonnage sensor built in the machine detect the machine clamping force precisely. Customer can set the require clamping tonnage and machine will deliver as per setting.<br />If the clamping tonnage is over 5% than design or setting tonnage, machine will stop and alarm. The mold and machine lifetime is ensured.

Features of SEWT machine

  • Wide Platen Design

    The mold loading capacity increase 30% compare to square platen design. Same mold can load on the smaller tonnage machine. The enhanced platen reduces 20% stress residual. The mold deforamtion will be less.
  • KEBA Controller

    Machine uses KEBA controller with fast response time and user friendly interface. Easy to operate. Our program team can customize as per customer's requirement
  • Precise hydraulic control

    For IML(in-mold-labeling) robot, the precision of mold opening position is the key of rejection rate. With special valve (optional), the variation of mold open position will be controller within 1mm. It will be helpful for machine to work out with IML robot.

SEWT 應用項目


JonWai Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Leading injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Provide IMM for thin wall packaging, PET preform, autoparts, logistic items, white goods, medical and electric parts and double injection.



  • +886-2-25954867
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